Ponderings & Meanderings About Life

Ponderings & Meanderings About Life

“If you cannot find happiness along the road, you will not find it at the end of the road.” ~ Author Unknown

A place to let my mind wander . . . . . . .

A Few Thoughts About Life:

Life can be thought of as a journey. Whether the paths we’ve taken in life were the results of planned deliberate decisions or the consequences of being led by our emotions (fear, anger, guilt, sadness, doubt, etc), or, the influences of others, into unpredictable unplanned choices- they all have consequences both good and bad. It is what we do with the hand that is dealt us, due to those consequences, that shapes our lives. Considering bad choices, if those situations are still current, there is time and opportunity for correction – the younger you are, the more benefits you will reap from a do-over. However, if that situation no longer is available for change, then the only thing that would benefit us would be a change of attitude about that situation (forgiveness, forgetting, acceptance, looking forward). When there is no opportunity for correction or change, we must look forward for the past is just what it is (ie: people that are no longer in our lives, opportunities no longer available). The only thing we can do is examine our lives, relish in the good things about it and find something to learn and grow from about the unpleasant or hurtful times. As we grow older, we will find ourselves reviewing our lives and evaluating our choices and clearly seeing the consequences of our actions over the long term.


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